Kabul delegation to Nangarhar addresses immigrant issues

JALALABAD (TOLOnews): The delegation to Nangarhar formed by the order of the leader of the Islamic Emirate met with the immigrants who had recently returned to the country from Pakistan at the Torkham crossing.

According to members of the delegation, they are fully prepared for newly returned migrants in Nangarhar and neighboring provinces and have started efforts to solve the problem of their accommodation.

“We have to find a place for our immigrants inside Afghanistan, to make their lives,” said Abdul Rahman Rashid, deputy of the Refugees and Repatriation Ministry.

Meanwhile, the newly returned immigrants said that they are happy to have returned to their homeland and asked the current government to provide them with work opportunities.

“I have no house, no property. I have nothing in the country. I ask the Islamic Emirate to give us shelter,” said Shafiqullah.

“I am from Kunduz province. Winter is coming, it will be snowing there. We have nothing there, no work, we need help,” said Asadullah, a returned refugee. Officials in Nangarhar said that they have made the necessary preparations for temporary shelters and are trying to provide permanent shelters for returning migrants.
“The first shelter may be a tent or something else they need, that need will be fulfilled, we will do it and we have decided about their shelter as well,”

According to the information of the local officials of Torkham Crossing, 150 families return to the country from the crossing every day and after receiving first aid, they move to predetermined places.