Kabul downplays India’s remarks at UN on terrorism risks

KABUL (TOLONews): At the UN Arria formula meeting, India’s UN representative Madhu Sudan said that Afghanistan should not be used for sheltering terrorists or training, planning or financing terrorist attacks.
“The collective approach of the international community has been articulated as I said, by the Security Council Resolution 2593 which … demands that the territory of Afghanistan should not be used for sheltering, training, planning or financing terrorist attacks, specifically against individuals and entities prescribed by the UN security council,” Sudan said.
However, the deputy spokesman of the Islamic Emirate downplayed these concerns, saying that no individual or group would be allowed to use Afghanistan against other countries. “The Islamic Emirate does not allow anybody to threaten other nations from the territory of Afghanistan, nor is there anyone here to threaten other countries from the territory of Afghanistan,” said Bilal Karimi, the Islamic Emirate’s deputy spokesperson.
According to political experts, ensuring security in Afghanistan is in the interest of all countries, especially neighboring countries.
“In my opinion, they just care about their own interests, which they pursue under holy names. I hope that the Afghan government will be for its own nation, something that is in the interest of its people, and not for India, America, China, France, Germany, or Pakistan,” said Ramazan Bashardost, a political expert.
“They must fulfill their responsibility in the economic and political sectors with the Islamic Emirate and engage with it. Afghanistan’s security is in their interest, not an alternative system, and Afghanistan’s security is also important to them. If there is insecurity in Afghanistan, they will also be affected by it,” said Mohammad Bashar, another political expert. Earlier, the Islamic Emirate said that Afghanistan is more secure than ever and that there is no threat coming from Afghanistan to other nations, particularly the neighboring nations and the region.