Kabul market fire, contained, says Taliban

KABUL (TOLOnews): The fire that broke out in the Afghan capital’s Kota-e-Sangi neighborhood was contained by the fire department, said the Taliban Ministry of Defense.
The Ahmadi market in the Kota-e-Sangi neighborhood of western Kabul’s district 5 caught fire on Wednesday at around 8:00 in the morning.
Witnesses told the media that the fire’s range also extended to the Abbasin Zadran market and Naw Bahar guest house.
According to the Ministry of Defense of the Taliban government, the fire team of the 313th Army Corps of the group was able to contain the fire with the cooperation of the relevant agencies.
While stating that the Taliban forces extinguished the fire at Kota-e-Sangi, the Taliban Defense Ministry also stated that the fire control operation also involved the use of military helicopters.
Sources had earlier provided Khaama Press videos of the burning site. As the fire completely consumed the building, a cloud of smoke could be seen in the video, shared on Khaama Press’s social media accounts.
No information has been provided about the losses and financial harm the fire at the market has caused, so far.
Previously, a raging fire entirely engulfed the flea market at 4th Macrorayan in Kabul city, inflicting a crippling loss on the vendors.