Kabul municipality hires 1,100 employees to care for trees

KABUL (TOLOnews): The Kabul municipality has hired 1,100 employees to maintain trees being planted in the city.
The head of the greenery affairs department of the Kabul municipality, Abdul Wakil Mutawakil, said that the 600,000 trees will be planted in the coming solar year of 1402.
“The municipality of Kabul will send 60 to 70 tankers in every area to maintain the trees. Planting trees is an easy job but maintenance requires effort,” he said.
“The greening of the country, planting trees and growth in agriculture, benefit the Afghanistan infrastructure,” said Saifuddin Tayib, deputy head of the department. The department of environmental protection called on the residents to play their role in the maintenance of the city.
The deputy of the environmental protection agency, Zainuddin, called on the UN to resume its incomplete projects in Afghanistan.
“These projects have begun and some of them remain half completed.We have talked about it previously, they were bringing the issue of (international recognition of the government) as a problem,” said Zainuddin, deputy head of the environmental protection department.
Meanwhile, some residents of Kabul suggested that the Kabul municipality should pay attention to the irrigation of the plants.

“The trees will be planted. It makes the weather better and it benefits the nation,” said a Kabul resident.

Many trees planted by the government and non government organizations have died because of not being irrigated over several recent years.