Kabul residents complain of low quality medicine

KABUL (TOLOnews): Residents of the nation’s capital said that ow-quality medicine has increased in Kabul and is creating problems. They called on officials to prevent the sale of low-quality drugs.
“Afghanistan’s doctors are the best and most qualified doctors in the whole world. The only problem that we have is low-quality drugs,” said Yahya, a resident of Kabul.
“Make the quality of the medicine very high, its quality is low. When someone gets sick, they take the medicine, and they blame the doctor,” said Ibrahim, a resident of Kabul.
“If our medicine is of good quality, why should we go to Pakistan, and why should we benefit a foreign land?” said Gelender Shah, a resident of Kabul.
Meanwhile, the Afghanistan Food and Drug Authority said that in the last month, they have destroyed 250 tons of low-quality food and medicine.
“159 tons of food and medicine were destroyed in Nangarhar on Saturday, and we also destroyed approximately 8 tons of food and medicine in Khost province, and more than 300 tons of other materials are ready to be destroyed in Kabul,” said Jawed Hazhar, spokesman of the Afghanistan Food and Drug Authority.
Based on the numbers of the National Drug and Food Authority, 147 pharmacies have been closed in the capital in the past month due to the sale of low-quality drugs, high prices, and lack of night service.