Kabul residents in PD 1, 2 say they have no local access to drinking water

KABUL (TOLO News): Kabul residents who live in PD1 and PD2 say they do not have access to drinking water.

They said that they have been dealing with this issue for several months and asked the authorities to address their concerns.

“We haven’t had water for almost three to four months. We have a lot of issues regarding water. We even buy water from private tankers or get it from the mosque. People face a lot of issues here,” said Masoud, a Kabul resident.

“A water tap is not available in our home. After two to three days, the water tap comes, and we fill up from here,” said Samira, a Kabul resident.

“Women have a lot of problems. They must carry bottles to bring water. They go for 500 meters, or almost a kilometer, to bring water here,” said Taj Mohammad, a Kabul resident.

They asked the Islamic Emirate to provide access to clean drinking water.

“The problems of the people should be addressed because the winter is approaching,” said Masoud, a resident of Kabul.

“They should give people access to clean water so that they get rid of this misery,” said Taj Mohammad, a resident of Kabul.

The Ministry of Energy and Water acknowledged the lack of water in the capital and said that it had allocated resources to deliver water to Kabul citizens.

“A project is currently underway to connect part of the underground water we have from the Qargha Dam to Kabul, to the districts that need water,” said Aziz Rahman Aziz, head of underground water resources at the Ministry of Energy and Water.

According to the Ministry of Energy and Water, work has also begun on a number of major water transfer projects to Kabul, one of which would transport water from Panjshir to Kabul.