Kabul restaurant switches from plastic to paper

Monitoring Desk

KABUL: A restaurant in Kabul, in Kart-e-Char, uses paper bags and plates instead of plastic bags and plates to save the environment and serve the country. It made the switch 20 days ago.

Nazar Mohammed Akhtari, founder of Jawari fast food restaurant said that they have been buying expensive paper plates and bags to say no to plastic bags and plates.

“I have tried to tell my friends to not use plastic bags, because it is very harmful to the environment,” added Akhtari.

Meanwhile, Omid Ibrahim Zada, a waiter at the Jawari restaurant, said that everyone should use paper bags for everything.

“The plastic bags are cheap…but we buy paper bags for five afghanis but still people use paper bags and are happy with that,” added Ibrahim Zada.

On the other hand, FarwezSahil, with his friend in Taimani of Kabul, have made a factory for making paper bags from machinery imported from India.

Sahil added that many restaurants, factories, and supermarkets are buying paper bags.

He also urged the government to make paper bags mandatory in the country.

“Our main goal is also to prevent plastic materials from polluting the environment; we have made special bags for bakeries, we will continue our work and want government aid,” added Sahil.

Jawid, a baker said, “We demand our customers to provide bags for delivering bread, to prevent plastic use, but they do not do so,”

Studies reveal that plastic materials last longer than paper materials and sometimes inhaling burning plastic or some contact with plastic can cause cancer.(TOLOnews)