Karachi and the revival of transport system

Murtaza Rafiq Bhutto

Karachi known as “The city of lights” generates 60% of the revenue in Pakistan. It is one of the fastest growing cities of Pakistan with population around 18 million people have been neglected by the previous governments.

There were several development projects which were announced by the government but they were unable to complete it in a given time period. We saw provincial and federal government’s blaming each other for delays but in those accusations people of Karachi had no choice but to survive.

MQM which have been a true representative of Karachi in National & Provincial assembly and have been in an alliance with the previous government and the elected Mayor was also from MQM but we have seen that they were also unable to present the issues of Karachiites such as Water, Transport and were unable to provide the basic necessities.

Previously, we have seen different political parties claiming that they own Karachi. After the fall & division of MQM leadership, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf was the 2nd largest political party of Sindh and the ruling party of Pakistan they were unable to fulfill their promises with Karachiites.

Pakistan People’s Party have been in a power from last 3 tenures also neglected the Karachi and could not resolve the Water, Electricity & Transport System issues. If we talk about the transport facility Provincial & federal Ministers have been giving deadlines of the arrival of the buses on Tv shows. Transport Facility was one of the core issues of this city.

Besides the slogan of Pakistan People’s Party “Food, Cloth & Shelter” the parties’ popularity was declined as we know the Sindh Government have been on a target from the very beginning. However, after the new government came into power & provincial ministries shuffle we have seen a lot of change we can call it a “REVIVAL”.
Previously, Pakistan People’s Party have been criticized and called a Political Party of interior Sindh.

As the time passes we have seen a sudden change in Karachi’s development & politics we can say a political party which have been limited to the interior Sindh have suddenly taking care of Karachiites issues. Recently launched “People’s Bus Service” is the proof of this.

240 Luxury Buses roaming around the city from early morning till 10 PM facilitating thousand’s salaried class persons, students and special person.

After the success of phase 1 of the People’s Bus Project Transport Department has launched Phase 2 with 50 Environment Friendly Electronic Luxury buses which are on test trial and after trial & confirmation of Route Map & Fare from the authorities it will be opened for Karachiites.

The people of city of lights have been praising the Sindh government initiative and appreciating the People’s Bus Service Project.

Karachiites seems bit happy as the Sindh Government is finally starting to resolve their issues & with the revival of transport system in the city of lights there is also a hope of a political revival & credit goes to Sharjeel Inam Memon (Transport Minister) of Pakistan People’s Party as they have set a new example by launching “People’s Bus Service”. Upcoming elections are not so far let’s see if this revival works for Pakistan People’s Party or not.