Khan trying to make army chief’s appointment controversial: Afnan

ISLAMABAD (APP): Pakistan Muslim League-N Senator Afnan Ullah Khan Sunday lashed out PTI chairman Imran Khan saying that Khan sahab was turning army chief appointment into controversy which may harm peace and stability of the country.
Talking to a private news channel, he said that coalition government wanted to make the country’s political atmosphere pleasant, adding that anti-state elements were trying to create chaos like situation in the country and taking advantage of the situation.
He further asked Imran Khan to play a responsible role to ensure peace in the country and foil the nefarious designs of Pakistan’s enemies.
He said that the Prime Minister had a ‘close eye” on the issue of army chief’s appointment and the announcement would be made at an appropriate time, adding, the army chief’s appointment will be announced on a merit instead of political basis.
The army chief’s appointment is a constitutional matter, it will be decided according to the Constitution, he said and questioned that would we take advise from the person who was running an Indian lobby and giving the statements against the institutions?
Replying to a question, he said there is anarchy and hatred in the country due to Imran Khan who is bent upon spreading his Fitna, adding, government do not want any kind of political conflict but cannot allow such situation in the country. The PTI chief was only diverting the public attention away from its prohibited funding case by running a malicious campaign against the army and the government, he added.