KP Boards Employees Coordination Council rejects exam in marriage halls

PESHAWAR (APP): The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Boards Employees Coordination Council (BECC) has rejected holding of matriculation and intermediate examinations in marriage halls instead of schools.
The Council strongly rejects the suggestions given by some of the Chairmen of the Boards to hold the examination in the marriage hall to facilitate the students. The Council rejects the suggestion and terms it an attempt to earn bad name to the education boards, said the statement issued by the KP BECC here Sunday.
The annual board exams are not one-day or three-day like ETEA or NTS, but board exams last from 20 or 25 days to a month and holding the exam in marriage halls instead of schools is not possible, the statement said and added, after the written exams, the practical exams are also conducted for 10-days a week. Hence, hiring the wedding halls for the whole month and arranging chairs and other stationery for the same will incur considerable expenses which will cause a lot of loss to the boards, said the BECC’s statement.
Along with this, the objections can be raised about the security of answer books which are kept in safes in schools that may bring disrepute to the boards. In the eyes of the Council, this is no less than a joke with education and especially with the examinations as well as with the students and their teachers and educational institutions.
The Coordination Council recommends that the examinations should be conducted in the examination centers established in the schools and where there is a deficiency, they should be given an opportunity to rectify the deficiency by the next examination, otherwise the examination halls of these schools may be closed or will be abolished and the Boards will make adequate arrangements for them to conduct the examinations next year instead of taking in Shadi Halls, it added.
Besides this, the students are also not getting a suitable environment for the exam. There will be bad effects on the mentality of the children after holding the exams in marriage halls. Similarly, there will be issues like security of papers and answer copies with children which also bring disrepute to institutions like boards, the statement said.