Leaks proves Imran most corrupt person: Sharjeel

F.P. Report
KARACHI: Sindh Minister for Information Minister Sharjeel Inam Memon while reacting to Imran Khan’s latest audio leak has said that Imran Khan is not saviour rather he is a Fraud and added that leaks have proved that Imran Khan could go to any extent in the greed of power . In his statement on Friday, the minister further said that Imran Khan is the leader of horse trading business as Imran Khan have confessed in his latest audio leak that he himself had bought the loyalties of 5 MNAs through horse trading.
The minister said: Imran Khan kept misleading the people by lying to them. He added that even in 2018, Imran Khan did not have the majority in the assembly to form the government.’ Chartered jet service was launched to lure the MNA’s. ‘
Those MNAs who could not be lured by horse trading, were threatened and forced to join PTI . ‘ the minister said and added that after the revealation of audio leaks the people Pakistan, especially the new generation, should open their eyes now. This man is a threat to our country and society. The provincial minister said that the leaks proved that Imran Khan is the most corrupt person in Pakistan and the uncrowned king of money laundering and horse trading.
24998 more families provided ration bags ags: Sindh Minister for Information Sharjeel Inam Memon said that the relief activities of the Sindh government are under way , adding that 24998 more families have been provided ration bags in the last 24 hours. In a press statement on Friday, the minister said that ration bags were distributed among 300 families in Qamber Shahdadkot.
Similarly, 2250 families in Noshehro Feroz, 1498 in Sanghar, 500 Dadu, 3500 in Hyderabad, 250 in Matiari, 1250 Sajawal, 1750 Thata, Jacobabad 500 Jacobabad, 1000 Larkana, 6500 Sukkar, 1000 Mirpurkhas, and 2000 families in Tharparkar were delivered ration bags. He said that as many as 1381336 families in total have been provided ration bags till date.
He further said that according to the report of the last 24 hours, 1350 more tents, 15000 mosquito nets and other items have been distributed among the victims. So far, 493155 tents, 523095 plastic tarpaulins, 3001077 mosquito nets, 796433 liters of mineral water, 68837 jerry cans, 98903 cooked food daigs and other items have been provided to the victims.
Sharjeel Inam Memon said that 763 lives have been lost due to floods and rains, and 8422 people have been injured. He said that 436181 cattle have perished in the natural catastrophe. He said that rains and flash floods have rendered 7383023 people homeless across the province. Still 352484 victims are taking shelter in relief camps who are being provided two meals a day and health facilities.
Sharjeel Inam Memon said that the inflow of water at Kotri barrage has receded and recorded below the 100000 cusecs, where the inflow of water is 88300 cusecs and outflow at 59100 cusecs. He added that Inflow at Guddu barrage has been recorded at 56300 cusecs and outflow at 45600 cusecs. The inflow at Sukkur Barrage is recorded 45400 cusecs and discharge at 33600 cusecs.