Levies force recovers remaining family members of Khan Marri

F.P. Report

QUETTA: Levies Force personnel, during an operation in Nana Sahib area of Dukki district of Balochistan, recovered rest of the family members of Khan Muhammad Marri, on Thursday.

Levies sources said a son of Khan Muhammad Marri was recovered from Dukki while, in another operation, two sons were recovered from Dera Bugti-Barkhan border area. Two daughters were also recovered, one from Barkhan and other from Dera Bugti.

It merits mentioning here that three other family members of Khan Muhammad Marri – Giran Naz and her son and daughter – were recovered from Dukki-Barkhan border area, said Levies sources.

All the six family members of Khan Muhammad Marri are in safe custody of government.

The police had found dead bodies of two sons of Khan Muhammad Marri and another woman from a well of Barkhan area.

The Marri tribes had started a protest sit-in after placing corpses in front of Chief Minister’s House which was ongoing.

Government officials said Giran Naz and her children will be presented before media and details of all operations conducted in this regard will be divulged.

On Wednesday night, the police had arrested Balochistan Communication Minister Sardar Abdul Rehman Khetran.

Levies force had discovered three mutilated bodies from a well in the Haji Kot area of the Barkhan district on Monday night. The victims belonged to the family of local tribesman Khan Muhammad Marri, who had accused Communications and Works Minister Sardar Abdul Rehman Khetran of the murders.

“Sardar Khetran is formally detained in this case,” a senior police officer told media. The arrest came after the Balochistan government had formed a special investigation team to probe the incident.

Initially, it was reported that the deceased were Giran Naz, wife of Khan Muhammad Marri and her two sons Mohammad Nawaz, in his 20s, and Abdul Qadir, in his teens. However, according to post-mortem report, the deceased woman was not Giran Naz, rather a teenage girl.

Levies sources said late on Wednesday that Giran Naz and her two children – a son and a daughter – were recovered in a raid. They added that the raid was conducted in the hilly area near Dukki-Barkhan border by the Levies Force Sibi Range.

Meanwhile, a Balochistan Police spokesperson confirmed that the case had been transferred from Barkhan to the Crimes Branch Quetta for investigation, adding that Commandant Balochistan Constabulary Salman Chaudhry would lead the special investigation team.

He said that the Deputy Inspector General (DIG) of Police Quetta, the DIG Special Branch, and the Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) would be members of the team.