‘Locking out Afghan girls from classroom damages country’

KABUL (TOLOnews): Following calls for the reopening of girls’ schools above the sixth grade, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said that Afghan girls are still not allowed to attend school, and that this is an unjustified violation of their equal rights that harms the entire country.
“Girls in Afghanistan continue to be locked out of the classroom. This is an unjustifiable violation of equal rights that damages the entire country. Girls belong in school,” the UN Secretary-General tweeted.
Over a year has passed since the closure of girls’ schools in Afghanistan, some female students said that their unknown fate has made them hopeless about their future.
“Girls are unable to study since schools are closed, and we are concerned about our future and ask the Islamic Emirate to open our schools,” said Farima, a student.
Amina is a student in the eighth grade who hopes to study medicine and work for the government in the future, but she says that skipping class won’t help her achieve her aspirations.
“It is incredibly sad for a person when a person makes a very crucial decision about his or her future, then with the entrance of the Taliban the hopes become ruins,” said Amina, a student.
However, the Islamic Emirate has always said that it is committed to the education of girls under Islamic law.