London police has not closed money laundering case against MQM founder: Sarfraz Merchant

LONDON (INP): Former associate and financier of MQM founder, Sarfraz Merchant said the London Metropolitan Police has not closed the money laundering case against the party founder, Altaf Hussain.

In a TV interview at an event held here on Sunday, Merchant said the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) will soon proceed with the case.

“The London Metropolitan police never closed the money laundering case. Evidences are present which will be handed over to the authorities soon and on basis of that evidence, I’m 99% certain CPS will reverse its decision and proceed with the case,” he said.

Merchant, who was co-accused in the money laundering case along with the MQM founder and was arrested at the end of 2013, said he has personally handed over some material to the London Met police in relation to the case.

“All the evidences of funding for terrorism, the money trail, and all the banking transactions are present with the FIA,” he said, expressing hope that the case is taken to its logical conclusion.

Merchant was arrested after the police found that dozens of payments were made from his account into MQM’s UK account for Altaf Hussain and of MQM’s senior figure Muhammad Anwar.