Loralai attack

Nine people were killed, including policemen, and twenty one other injured in a suicide blast and gunfire by militants in the office of Deputy Inspector Genial of Police Loralai wherein 800 candidates were taking test for recruitment in police force. The injured included 12 policemen and 9 candidates. Majority of the candidates were rescued safe. In the past three years police and personnel of other security agencies have been regularly targeted and in the terrorist attacks high ranking officials from police and Frontier Corp and Jawns have lost their lives in the line of duty.

The frontline province of Baluchistan is highly vulnerable to attacks from militants of terrorist outfits and insurgents affiliated with different insurgency organizations. These activities are sponsored by India from the Afghan soil with the support of local handlers. In October 2016 a group of terrorist stormed a police training centre 13 kilometer outside Quetta killing 61policemen and injuring 165 other. Earlier on 8th August 2016, terrorists attacked Civil Hospital Quetta Killing 71 people majority of who were members of legal fraternity.

A judicial Commission of one Supreme court Judge was formed to investigate the causes of this human tragedy. Justice Qazi Faez Issa investigated the attack on Bilal Anwar Kasi, President Baluchistan Bar Council and the subsequent bombing and firing in Quetta hospital. The telling sentence of the report noted that the Interior Ministry has failed to implement National Security Policy. The Judicial Commission report stated that the officers of the ministry are keener to serve the minister than the people. It also highlighted the Interior Ministry reluctance to take action on time against the terrorist groups and militant outfits. The then flamboyant interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar expressed his outrage against the continents of the judicial commission report instead of initiating concrete steps for the implementation of National Security Policy in closer coordination with provincial government. His predecessor Ahsan Iqbal preferred to be in a state of denial, saying that the country is no longer facing any threat of terrorist attacks and it is now investment heaven. Hopefully, the incumbent dynamic state minster for interior Shahriyar Afridi will be cognizant of the fact that the threat of terrorism is still far from over and give priority to implementation of National Security Policy. Counter terrorism Watchdog, NACTA should be made a strong and efficient organisation in terms of financial resources and skilled manpower with rich expertise in counterterrorism.

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