Losing one and wining one at same time is a proof of rigging: Fawad

Muhammad Asad

ISLAMABAB: The Institutions must demonstrate their independence and impartiality by their actions. It was observed by Federal Minster for Science and Technology, Fawad Chaudhry along with Federal Minster for Information and Broadcasting Shibli Faraz and PTI leader Ali Zafar during a news conference in Islamabad here on Friday.

While responding to the press release issued by ECP today, Fawad said that Losing one election and winning one at the same time is a proof of Rigging. While defending, Prime Minister criticism of Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) during yesterday speech, he maintained that Prime Minister said that ECP was responsible to hold transparent election, which could not be fulfilled, horse trading could not be stalled, it should not be responded with gloominess. According to him the government and the ECP both failed to take such measures to end Rigging during recent Senate election.

Fawad Chaudhry claimed that Prime Minster and PTI government fully respect all institutions including ECP, however, they want to see them neutral and impartial. While referring the recent senate election, he said that on the day of election, ECP Returning officer stood up to Opposition leader during casting vote, however on the turn of Prime Minister he did not act similarly, which clearly depicts difference in the attitude of the concerned official.

While responding to ECP statement regarding provision of evidence in connection with Rigging, he said that one can clearly hear the conversation regarding 12 crore rupees in the video of alleged horse trading by the PPPP during recent senate election. He also referred the recent statement of PML-N’s Vice President Maryum Nawaz that the money did not work in the recent senate election, however, the ticket of PML-N worked effectively.

According to Ali Zafar, PTI wants that each institution should be strong and independent. ECP is a constitutional institution. He said that ECP is a so strong institution that it did not bother the orders of Supreme Court regarding senate election. Supreme Court offered an opportunity to ECP to ensure transparency by using technologies, but it did not act accordingly. He said that institutions build their trust through their actions not by issuing press releases.

While clarifying government position regarding recent information of issuance of funds to MNAs by the PTI’s government Fawad said that government did not issue funds to any MNA but to the regions/ constituencies to achieve development target.