Made in Pakistan brand: President urges honesty

F.P. Report

PESHAWAR: In a resounding call for trustworthiness and the advancement of ‘Made in Pakistan’ goods, President Arif Alvi urged the business community to work harder for brand Pakistan at the inaugural ceremony of the ‘Made in Pakistan’ movement in Karachi.

President Alvi stressed the vital importance of honesty and trust in all commercial endeavors, both domestically and abroad. He lauded the track record of Pakistani products that had achieved international acclaim through the addition of value to their original forms, emphasizing the potential for global promotion of ‘Made in Pakistan’ items.

President Alvi asked business leaders and the youth of Pakistan to take an active role in rectifying societal issues and advocating for local products. He called upon Pakistani society to prioritize ‘Made in Pakistan’ products over foreign alternatives as a means of promoting domestic manufacturing and reducing the nation’s import bills.

Highlighting alarming statistics, the President drew attention to the mental stress faced by 24% of the Pakistani population and the unfortunate reality that approximately 27 million children were out of school. President Alvi underscored the significance of character and honesty, evoking the values exemplified by the Muslims and preached by our Holy Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H.). He emphasized that honesty and character must remain at the core of commercial activities, with morals and ethics guiding business conduct. In a call to action, the President urged coordinated efforts to promote charity and philanthropy, advocating for a shift away from wealth accumulation.

He made it clear that Islam does not endorse the accumulation of wealth as a primary pursuit. He said that the rich should help the needy people. The ceremony was attended by the distinguished figures including Rizwan Jaffar, the founder of the ‘Made in Pakistan’ movement and the first Youth Parliament, as well as prominent businessmen and CEO of TDAP, alongside the Secretary of TDAP, Dr. Mirza Ikhtiar Baig, and other esteemed business leaders and notables.