Man killed in police custody

Rifaqat Ullah Razarwal

CHARSADDA: A man, who were shot dead in the Prang Police lock up, suspected in the murder case of his maternal uncle, gunned down by the weapon of Muharrar on Monday, officials said. The district Police officer Irafan Ullah stated that the suspect Kashif was under investigation of a murder case, when the police official interrogate him, suddenly Kashif snatch his gun and commit suicide.

“An incident of firing took place within the remit of investigation room in Prang Police Station during the investigation”, said DPO Irfan. The relatives of deceased Kashif protested against Charsadda Police when the incident happened. They said that PS Prang SHO Mohammad Arif Khan was demanded for 100 thousand rupees for accused facilitation. “How a person can commit suicide when he is in the police custody? He was shot by police SHO and Muharrar”, they claimed.

The Regional Police Officer (RPO) Mardan Mohammad Ali Khan takes notice of the incident and directed immediately for suspension of SHO Mohammad Arif Khan, Chief Investigation Officer (CIO) Amjad Khan and Muharrar Imran. The DPO Charsadda also submitted an application to the District and Session Judge for further judicial inquiry.

Publication Relation Officer of Police said that the authorities suspended the responsible of the incident due to the criminal negligence and asking for bribe. Later, the body was taken to the District Head Quarter Hospital for medico-legal formalities. Another hand, the videos viral on social media where the public expressed strongly reaction and maintained the police responsible for the incident and demanded to immediately arrest allegedly involve police officials.