Maritime challenges and Pakistan Navy

President Dr. Arif Alvi has admired Pakistan Navy for playing a commendable role in safeguarding and protecting Pakistan’s naval and maritime interests, despite resource constraints in a challenging maritime security paradigm and overall security situation.

His highness also appreciated Pakistan Navy’s role in assisting the flood victims during recent climate-induced super floods, providing them with medical services and relief supplies. While addressing the Closing Ceremony of the 5th Maritime Security Workshop at Naval War College, President said that India’s belligerence and self-professed role as the aspiring hegemon would create instability in the region. Pakistan’s defense forces must be prepared against all traditional and non-traditional threats to the country.

Pakistan Navy is the guardian of Pakistan’s territorial waters, Coastal Creeks, and Economic Continent Shelves in the Indian Ocean and the Arabian Sea. This sufficiently equipped and potent Naval Force had always been actively involved in protecting Pakistan’s territorial sovereignty, economic interest, and marine life along with guarding agaisnt international piracy, and transnational drug and human trafficking.

Although Pakistan Navy is doing well yet it needs to harness itself with the latest maritime warfare and cyber technologies to effectively counter growing challenges in the region and beyond.