Marriyum: Imran will be arrested the day he appears before court

F.P. Report

ISLAMABAD: Federal Information Minister Marriyum Aurangzeb has lashed out at PTI Chairman Imran Khan who dodged police on Sunday to avoid his arrest, claiming that the day, he will appear before the court, he will be arrested.

The minister was talking to media on Monday.

Calling Imran as a “foreign agent, watch thief, mouse and a jackal”, Aurangzeb said that whenever he sees police, “the mouse runs to his rat house and hides”.

She said Imran has taken the law and constitution of Pakistan as a hostage. Despite all this, he is still dear to judiciary, she lamented adding that the PTI chief is aware that the more he becomes loud and vocal, the more he would get instant relief.

She deplored that Imran makes women and children as human shield to avoid arrest. ‘He thinks nobody could touch him, no matter what he has done’, she added. 

The information minister was of the view that the entire system is helpless against him as no one could arrest him and the court could not summon him.

“Imran knows if he attacks judiciary, browbeats it and indulges in vandalism, he will get bail in cases registered against him,” she rued.

She challenged the PTI chief to appear before the court if he thinks that he is innocent.

“This person knows that the day he appears in court, he will be arrested,” the minister added.

Aurangzeb also came down hard on Imran for looting Pakistani people and triggering sky-high inflation in the country.