Mexico political unrest and AMLO’s manifesto

According to the media, Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopex Obrador gave no indication to change his course after tens of thousands of people protested against his proposal to overhaul Mexico’s electoral authority. Mexican ruler was of the view that Sunday’s biggest-ever demonstration against one of his proposals in his nearly four years in office was a kind of striptease revealing the intentions of Mexico’s conservatives. President Obrador claimed that his opponent did it in favor of corruption, racism, in favor of classism, and discrimination. According to him, the demonstrators used the electoral reform as an excuse to protest and they were really protesting against the transformation taking place in the country under his leadership.

Politics around the globe has strange trends, similar landscapes, unique maneuvers, and corresponding tools while most the politicians also have a deep resemblance in their personalities, strategies, political acts, and techniques, becuase each one of them betrays the public in the name of welfare defames opponents in the name of corruption and defend himself in the name of rule of the law. Afterall poor masses fail to identify truth from the smoke of lies, to differentiate facts from fiction as well as elect a genuine nation savior instead of an opportunist moneymaker. Currently, this political puzzle is widely encountered by the masses in every nation including the United States of America, Mexico, Indonesia, Hungary, Italy, France, Russia, Pakistan, Turkey, India, Afghanistan, Uzebkistan and many others while no country has an exception from this ailment which owes two-party system. Mexico, a North American democracy is currently battling political chaos due to worsening rivalry and disagreement between the political parties over the issue of electoral reforms which are being introduced by the ruling elites unilaterally. Mexican opposition perceives those electoral amendments as poisonous for the institutions. According to reports, the controversial reforms include the elimination of state-level electoral office, cutting public financing of political parties, and allowing the public to elect members of the electoral authority rather than the lower chamber of Congress. The newest electoral amendment would reduce the number of legislators in the lower chamber of Congress from 500 to 300 and senators from 128 to 96 by removing reserved seats of technocrats, minorities, and special quotas in multiple chambers that are usually allotted by the parties based on their party proportion in the parliament.

According to reports, the Influential Mexican leader held a referendum across the nation on April 10th to pave the way to bring fundamental changes in electoral laws and the parliamentary structure of the country in a bid to ensure his reappointment during the upcoming Presidential election scheduled to be held in 2024. The reports suggest that President Andres Manuel López Obrador commonly known as AMLO and his asides used all available tools and tactics including the state machinery and government resources to get the referendum done in their favor which was noticed and strongly condemned by the State electoral authority. In fact, power is the weakness of all leaders, and each one of them takes a different guise and uses diverse philosophies to achieve his target. Presently, Mexican AMLO is vigorously pursuing his goal and his rivals have brought the public into the street to fail his agenda. The ongoing political rivalry destroyed the Mexican economy but who cares about that? Honestly, bull fight usually hurt passers-by instead of matadors.