Milosevic’s successors and Kosovon impotence

According to the media, the Serb minority in northern Kosovo will resign from roles in public institutions, including courts, Police, and Law Enforcement Agencies in protest over a requirement to switch to government license plates. The move comes after Pristina declared that from November around 10,000 Kosovan Serbs with license plates issued by Serbia must replace them with plates from the Republic of Kosovo. While the Serbs in northern Kosovo have long refused to acknowledge the capital Pristina’s authority and have largely remained loyal to the Serbian government in Belgrade.

Historically, Serbia deeply resents Kosovo’s breakaway status and has never recognized the country’s 2008 declaration of independence. The declaration of Independence was first approved by the Kosovo-Albanian Parliamentary Assembly in September 1990 after the breakaway of the former Yugoslavia but the Serbian dictator invaded the Muslim majority region and slaughtered thousands of innocent Muslims to strengthen its illegal hold on the territory. Later, this declaration was passed by the Kosovo Assembly in 2008 which was widely recognized by the United Nations, the EU, and the rest of the world. Ironically, the deviees of Slobodan Milosevic never accepted the freedom of Muslim majority Kosovo and always supported Serbia.

Presently, the European Union is actively working to normalize Serb-Kosovo relations and recently a deal has been brokered by the Bressels which paved the way for a free movement between Kosovo and Serbia. However, the tension still exists between the two states and Serbian authorities refused to accept a free Kosovo in their neighborhood, while Kosovo Serb refused to use Kosovon number plates on their cars and also cast their votes in Serbian election instead of choosing their leaders in the counties they live in.

The Kosovon authorities intend to award penality to those violating law of the land whereas the United States and the EU stressing on diplomatic manevoure instead of a coercive measures to resolve the issue amicably. Apparently, it is white supremism which utterly violating all global and citizenry law that Serbs still not feeeling any remorse over their inhumane crimes agaisnt Kosovo Muslim otherwise this squad of goons must went to Belgrade long time ago.