Minister Zuhair insists on implementation of constitution

KABUL (Agencies): Mohammad Tahir Zuhair, Acting Minister of Information and Culture, in a ceremony held on the occasion of marking the Week of Constitution stressed on implementation of the country’s constitution.

Speaking to participants in the ceremony, Acting Minister of Information and culture said:

“Afghanistan current constitution is unprecedented comparing to the country’s previous constitutions as well as constitutions of regional countries; therefore, the best law should be implemented in the best way in the country.”

“When there is no act and commitment to the law, the condition of citizens won’t get better even if the law is much better,” Zuhair said. Reviewing lack of implementation of the law by relevant officials and citizens, acting minister of information and culture said all would have legal life when all government organs implement the constitution’s articles for which they are responsible to do so.

In the ceremony, Dr. Sayed Abo Bakar Mutaqi, a member of the Independent Commission for Overseeing the Implementation of the Constitution and deputy minister of publication affairs for information and culture Abdul Manan Sheway Sharq also spoke related to the country’s Constitution.