Modi regime using water as tool of spreading chaos in Pakistan

ISLAMABAD (APP) : The Modi regime is using water as a tool for spreading chaos in Pakistan as it diverts river courses during monsoons to release too much water toward Pakistan, causing floods and destruction.

A report released by Kashmir Media Service, today, said, “The water level at Chenab River recently increased causing floods in nearby areas after India released millions of cusecs of water without prior information.”

It said, “India is creating deliberate water shortages for Pakistan with the underlying aim of harming Pakistan, adding it has been trying to establish its hegemony in the region by controlling water resources.”

The report said, “India is using water as an instrument of war and the Modi government is using even natural disasters as a weapon against Pakistan.”

“Violation of the Indus Basin Treaty is in line with India’s national policy of backtracking from its pledges and breaking international agreements,” it maintained.

It said, “India is a violator of international laws/agreements, and India’s controlled release of flood waters is a sheer violation of the Indus Water Treaty.”

The global community should come forward to put pressure on India to follow international norms, especially during natural disasters, the report maintained.