More than 120 student art works exhibited

HERAT (TOLOnews): More than 120 graphic arts pieces created by students from Herat University’s Fine Arts Faculty are on display at the provincial university.
The goal of exhibiting their works, the students said, is to show the damaged art and hard times Afghanistan has experienced throughout the recent conflicts.
“There are 125 graphic works on show in this exhibition, and among them there are various styles of hand printing, digital printing, and other creative techniques that are used in the graphic department,” said Habibullah Navid, deputy of Herat University’s Faculty of Fine Arts.
According to some of the students, many of these artistic works depict the difficult and bitter days of the nation’s last years.
“If we really look deep into these paintings, they speak to us of the unpleasant events of our nation, such as the coronavirus and the past years of battles that have taken place in the country,” said Hasiba Mushtaq, a student of the Faculty of Fine Arts of Herat University.
“The majority of the pieces are digital graphics that reflect the damaged artwork in Afghanistan,” said a student of the Faculty of Fine Arts.
The Faculty of Fine Arts hosts this exhibition for a week, and male and female students can view the works of art separately.
“Each of these pieces convey different and special meanings to the viewer,” said Sana Mirzaei, a visitor.
“It shows how many undiscovered abilities the girls and women of our community and country have,” said Nargis Jamshidi, another visitor.
Graphic arts is one of the most recent and popular study areas at Herat University’s Faculty of Fine Arts.