More than 300 birds of threatened species released

FARAH (TOLOnews): The National Environmental Protection Agency in Farah said that a trader from Qatar has released more than 300 MacQueen’s bustards into the wild in Farah province.
According to the officials of this department, Arab countries are busy breeding rare animals and birds in this province.
Ali Bin Abdullah, an Arab trader, has a farm for breeding MacQueen’s bustards in Farah and currently more than 1500 MacQueen’s bustards are on the farm.
“The MacQueen’s is in the state of extinction in Afghanistan, and we are interested to breed these rare birds in Farah province,” said an Arab trader.
“They said today they will release 300 birds in this province,” said Hamid Safi, head of the natural heritage protection at the National Environmental Protection Agency in Farah.
According to the agency, some traders from Arab countries signed an agreement for breeding and hunting animals and rare birds. “Some Arab traders or others come here to hunt,” said Hafiz Azizulrahman, head of the National Environmental Protection Agency in Farah.
Meanwhile, some Farah residents asked for a stop to hunting in the province.
“We ask to prevent the hunting of animals, our birds must be free in our province,” said Rahmat Ullah, a Farah resident.
MacQueen’s bustard is a migratory bird that go from one country to another country, and these birds in winter come to Farah province.