Moscow prepares to build new missile attack warning radar by 2030

F.P Report

MOSCOW: Russian sources on Tuesday revealed that Moscow is all set to build its newest missile attack warning radar.

According to the source in military-industrial complex the newest missile attack warning radar Yakhroma will be built on the Chukchi Sea by 2030. In addition to this interlocutor commented that “The radar will operate in the automatic mode, with no personnel permanently present at the facility.”

Last year in December Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu commented on the matter saying that at the year-end ministerial board meeting that the Defense Ministry would start building the Yakhroma radar in Sevastopol, Crimea, in 2021.

A source in the military-industrial complex said, Yakhroma was unparalleled in the world. It will operate in four frequency ranges: meter, centimeter, decimeter and millimeter ones and have a field of vision of 270 degrees.

The point to ponder is that currently Russia’s missile attack warning system consists of two layers: a cluster of four space satellites Tundra and a ground network of Voronezh radars, which monitor all potentially risky directions.

The system’s main task is to promptly spot and track ballistic missiles launched at the territory of Russia or its allies.