Most police officers commit robberies at night: Justice Gulzar

F.P. Report

ISLAMABAD: The Supreme Court observed on Thursday the police system across the country has failed.

A bench of the apex court, headed by Justice Gulzar Ahmed, was hearing a petition demanding an increase in salaries of Punjab’s traffic warden.

Justice Gulzar said: “There doesn’t exist anything called police in the country.”

He questioned what have the police been doing which warrants an increase in their salaries? They remain involved in foul practices despite the fact that they are being paid handsomely, he added.

The SC judge said government officers didn’t perform their duties diligently in a fair manner but remained worried about raise in allowances.

“Most of the police officers commit robberies at night,” he said. “Crimes are rampant as people’s throats are being slit. Where are the police?”

“They receive salaries as well as bribe from people,” he added.

Justice Gulzar said Punjab’s secretary finance doesn’t even know what his job is.

The secretary finance said the provincial government intended to restore the traffic wardens’ increased basic salary and allowances which were previously frozen for some reasons.

The bench directed the state counsel to come prepared on the next hearing and adjourned the hearing for two weeks.