Mujahid says all diplomatic institutions in Afghanistan are secure

KABUL (TOLONews): In response to the possibility that some embassies in Kabul may face Daesh threats, the Islamic Emirate said that there is no threat from Daesh and that the security of diplomatic institutions is ensured.
The Islamic Emirate’s spokesperson, Zabiullah Mujahid, emphasized that no one will ever be allowed to harm diplomatic institutions in Afghanistan.
“All diplomatic institutions in Afghanistan are secure, and the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan takes security of these institutions seriously. The threats are vague or fictitious, without any action, and Daesh is unable to threaten anybody and so far it has not achieved its goals anywhere,” Mujahid said.
Previously, Bloomberg, citing statements from the United Nations, reported the possibility of Daesh threats to the embassies of China, India, and Iran in Kabul. According to Bloomberg, UN officials said that Daesh is trying to isolate the Islamic Emirate from the countries that are considered their allies.
“Islamic State militants have threatened to target Chinese, Indian, and Iranian embassies in Afghanistan in an effort to isolate the Taliban from a handful of countries it counts as diplomatic allies,” the report reads.
Following the takeover of the Islamic Emirate in the country, some countries, including Iran, China and India, have resumed their political representations in Afghanistan.
“If Daesh follows through on its threat, and if the threatened embassies are attacked, an image will be produced in the world that the Taliban administration is not capable of providing protection for foreign embassies in Afghanistan,” said Assadullah Nadim, a military analyst.
“The Taliban must bring about positive change in Afghanistan, otherwise the countries that have political interests in the geography of Afghanistan will try to reassert themselves in the region from different angles and with different possibilities,” said Javid Sangdil, international relations expert.
This comes as other countries have expressed their concern about the possibility of threats from terrorist groups in Afghanistan.
However, the current Afghan government has consistently underlined that Afghanistan would not pose a threat to other nations.