‘Murad Saeed should focus on his ministry instead of Sindh govt’

F.P. Report
KARACHI: Spokesperson of Sindh Government and Advisor for Law , Environment & Coastal Development Barrister Murtaza Wahab, while responding to the statement of Federal Minister Murad Saeed, has said that Murad Saeed should focus on his ministry instead of inspecting the performance of Sindh government So much the better.
He said that dwarfs like Murad Saeed try unsuccessfully to increase their stature by criticizing the PPP leadership. He said that the mothers and sisters of the Hazara community were protesting with the bodies of their loved ones but the Prime Minister was indifferent that they had not visited them yet and the spokesperson of the Prime Minister was blaming and filthy to divert attention from the tragedy. The federal ministers are diverting attention by sprinkling salt on the wounds of the martyrs of the Machh tragedy.
He said that the motto of PPP is that it shows politeness and tolerance in politics. The “selected” government gave the people nothing but disappointment. If the government of this selected mob continues, the country would be plunged into darkness. He said that the outrage of the army of spokespersons in the speech of the Chief Minister of Sindh yesterday proved to be true word for word. Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah’s excellent performance is not being digested by the federal ministers.
He further said that if there is any development work in the whole country, it is only in Sindh under the leadership of Murad Ali Shah. The services of Chief Minister Sindh on the steps taken to eradicate the corona virus have been appreciated by the whole world. Politicians and those who blame the Corona virus should not forget that politics is the name of worship and public service.