MWMC needs containers, recruitment of workers

MULTAN (APP): Multan Waste Management Company (MWMC) is facing problems due to lack of infrastructure. Most of the Company’s containers are in dilapidated condition and irreparable. Besides, the Company’s management is also facing difficulties in acquiring land for the new dumping site.
CEO of MWMC Muhammad Farooq Dogar is active to solve the Company’s problems and inspected the containers kept at different places in the city and the dilapidated containers stored at the landfill site here on Sunday. Manager Operations Anwar ul Haq and Manager Landfill Site Faheem Lodhi were also accompanied by him.
On this occasion, the CEO said that the sanitation problems were emerging in the city due to rotten containers. He said that the useful life of the containers was three years as the methane gas rising from the waste damaged the iron.
He disclosed that the Company had purchased machinery and containers in 2013 and thus the containers bought 11 years ago are still in use. He said that repairing of the expired and damaged containers would be waste of money and these would be made reusable after few weeks.
He said despite of the availability of funds, there are hurdle in the purchase of machinery, while the WMCs of Sialkot, Bahawalpur, DG Khan and Gujranwala have completed the purchase of machinery. He said that the recruitment of new workers was also inevitable by keeping in view the urban population.
The CEO said that the Board of Directors of the Company would be requested to allow purchasing of more than 100 containers immediately.
He further said that the Company has applied to the Revenue department for the purchase of land for waste dumping but there was a problem of land availability.
He directed the Manager Landfill Site to pave and level the existing landfill site for waste dumping.