NA calls upon President to act in ‘non-partisan’ manner

ISLAMABAD (APP): The National Assembly on Wednesday called upon the President to act in a non-partisan manner and perform his functions strictly in accordance with Article 48 of the Constitution.
The House passed the resolution with a majority vote which was moved by Member National Assembly Mohsin Dawar.
The Resolution said : “This House resolves under the Constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan, obedience to the Constitution and the Law, is the invaluable obligation of every citizen wherever he may be, and of every other person for time being within Pakistan.”
According to the oath of the office of President, it said “the President will not allow his personal interests to influence his official conduct or his official decisions. He is also bound to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution.”
The Resolution said : “This House takes strong exception to the Constitu-tional stance taken by the President and refusal to ad-here to implement the Con-stitution in letter and spirit, and also to follow the nor-ms of Parliamentary dem-ocracy.”
The Grand Democratic Alliance opposed the Resolution.