NADRA issued millions fake ID cards, reveals a report

F.P. Report

ISLAMABAD: NADRA has removed 120 employees after a report revealed that authority has issued millions fake ID cards by illegal processing.

According to a report of secret agency, NADRA issued ID cards to 603 foreigners. 3.5 lac ID cards were blocked being suspicious and 155,000 ID cards were declared fake.

The report said 35,063 fake cards were issued in Sindh’s 27 districts where 23,519 ID cards were fake in Baluchistan’s 31 districts. It added that 3,603 cards were not legal in federal capital and 5,866 fake ID cards were confiscated in FATA’s 13 districts.

1,427 id cards were fake in Azad Kashmir’ 10 districts and 76 were fake in Gilgit’s 6 districts.

The report further stated that 40,500 ID cards were fake in Karachi.