National labor conference to be held next month

KABUL (TOLOnews): The Ministry of Public Works said that in order to investigate the causes of unemployment and increase job opportunities in the country, a national labor conference will be held next month.

Samiullah Ebrahimi, the spokesman for the Ministry of Public Works, said that the Islamic Emirate is committed to reducing unemployment in the country and efforts are underway to create job opportunities.

He said: “Our effort is to hold a national labor conference in the country in the next month of 1402 (solar year), and the purpose of holding this conference is to reduce the level of unemployment and investigate the causes of unemployment in the country so that there are more job opportunities in the country.”

Meanwhile, a number of educated youths criticized the lack of job opportunities in the country.

Masihullah Shirzad, who has a bachelor’s degree, said about unemployment: “The level of unemployment in the country is very high. Many young people are interested in getting an education and then having a good job, but unemployment causes the youth in the country to be disappointed.”

Unemployed youth said that they have to go abroad to find work and to have an income.

“We ask the caretaker government to create job opportunities for the youth in various institutions in the country so that the youth do not go abroad and stay in the country,” said Mohammad Zaker, a Kabul resident.

“Our young generation is very talented and they should be provided with job opportunities in the country so that they can contribute to the development and progress of the country,” said Matiullah, a Kabul resident.

The Ministry of Public Works also said that since the beginning of this year, it has created work opportunities for 110,000 people in private and government institutions, including 26,000 women.