Nawaz should agitate against his party’s govt: Siraj

F.P. Report

DG Khan: Ameer, Jamaat e Islami, Pakistan, Senator Sirajul Haq, has said that the ousted Prime Minister should launch a movement against his own party government which had failed to provide clean drinking water to the people so far.

He was addressing a large public meeting at Company Bagh D.G. Khan. Sirajul Haq said that after having been in power for about 35 years, an individual was talking  of a movement for dispensation of justice.  He said that Nawaz Sharif should have waged a war against corruption but he himself fell prey to the menace due to which the whole country was facing the problems of poverty and illiteracy.

He said that now when Nawaz Sharif had fallen in the grip of Allah, he was thinking of a movement for justice.  He said the general public was facing numerous problems created by these rulers.

The JI chief said when the ousted Premier had executed Mumtaz Qadri Shahed because of his love of the Holy Prophet, he (Siraj) had vowed to through him out of power.  He said that whoever talked of liberalism and secularism in the country achieved in the name of Islam to please the foreign powers, had no right to rule this country.

Sirajul Haq said it was high time that that the patrons of the drug mafia, land mafia and sugar mafia were in Odyala jail.

He said the PPP and the Muslim League had deceived the people of Southern Punjab time and again and those promising South Punjab as separate province had spent the entire provincial budget in Lahore.

He said that according to an official survey, D.G. Khan and Lyyah were the most backward districts of the Punjab.

He said the people coming into power had plundered public money and built private properties and bank balances as the general public remained without basic facilities of life.

He said that the constitution guaranteed provision of basic facilities of life to every citizen. However, he said, that the common worker and the small kisan were unable to make both ends meet despite hard labour.

On the other hand, the rich were getting richer and their properties and bank balances had been increasing.

He said that a change in the country would be possible only when the masses threw the vaderas, feudal lords and capitalist out of power and into jail.

The JI chief said that the demand for the southern Punjab province was not unconstitutional. The JI fully supported it, and if it came into power, it would announce a Southern Punjab province at the very beginning.

Sirajul Haq said that the ideal before the JI was the Khilafat system because the righteous caliphs had been fulfilling the needs of the citizens at their door step.

He urged the people to support the JI for an Islamic system which alone guaranteed a secure and bright future for their coming generations.