Nawaz doubles down on his call for ‘accountability’

F.P. Report

LAHORE: Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) Quaid Nawaz Sharif on Saturday renewed the call for holding those accountable who ousted him when he was the prime minister.

Nawaz started the address today by saying that even though he was out of sight, but was still very close to the party members by heart, adding that he always remembered his friends and companions. “During our time, the economy was better and development was at its peak. We still pray that the country is steered out of difficulties,” said the PML-N supremo.

He said that the country was progressing in all aspects during his tenure, however, the nation has seen a difficult time in the last four years. “There were some elements who halted the country from thriving,” he added. The three-time prime minister said that the nation needs to realise that economic destruction started in 2019 and by 2022, everything in the country had collapsed. “If Shehbaz Sharif hadn’t taken over, the country would have defaulted.”

Recalling his 2013 election campaign, he said that he was asked [by the party leaders] to assure the nation that loadshedding would end in six months, however, he refused to lie. “I said I wouldn’t say anything that might damage my reputation. I had said in the election campaign that loadshedding will end within five years as I don’t want to cheat the nation,” he said.