NEPA: $850m needed to deal with climate change effect on population

KABUL (TOLOnews): The National Environmental Protection Agency (NEPA) said that $850 million is needed in Afghanistan to address the natural events caused by climate change.
According to officials of NEPA, the recent fires and floods in the country’s provinces are caused by climate change.
“We are in touch with the financial departments of the United Nations, and multisector response of the UN for 31 climate change projects totalling 850 million US dollars,” said Hafiz Azizurahman, the chairman of NEPA.
According to Azizurahman, programs that were being carried out in Afghanistan with the support of other countries have been halted since the Islamic Emirate is not recognized.
The director of the climate change department of NEPA said that in order to prevent the increase in casualties from natural events such as floods and fires, they must activate warning systems.
“Based on the models and scenarios reviewed, we won’t have a good situation until 2050 to 2100,” said Rohullah Amin, head of the climate change department of NEPA. Unseasonal rains, floods, and earthquakes in several parts of the country this year have caused fatalities and significant financial losses.