“New commissioners should be committed to safeguard democracy,” VP

KABUL (The Kabul Times): Second Vice-President Mohammad Sarwar Danesh, during the introducing ceremony of Mohammad Nayem Haqmal as the new high investigation administration asked the new electoral commissioners to remain committed to the values and safeguarding of democracy in the country, his office said Saturday.

The vice-president said that voting for the electoral commissions was done in complete transparency, trust and understanding and that this was a clear sign of understanding spirit and observing democracy and abying by commitments from the government leadership and in fact a hard task successfully done, the statement quoted Danesh as saying.

“This is the responsibility of the future commissions and new commissioners how to perform their duties, as on the government side, this was done well,” the vice-president added.

He said those expected to be appointed as the new commissions’ members, should admire the trust made by the government, political parties, civil society and the presidential elections nominees toward them and remain committed and responsible for safeguarding democracy, people votes, implementation of the law and ensuring transparency in the upcoming elections.