New year’s craze: Paganism’s victory and society’s cry for help to save its soul!

Yusuf Kaplan

The horrific new year’s craze is everywhere. What we call new years is in fact the victory of paganism, which turned humans into subhuman, soulless, and mechanical being, which enslaved the masses to capitalist forms of consumption, which sanctifies speed, pleasure and seduction – everything that ends language, speech, meaning – and which invented non-religious sanctities!

The new year’s craze not only has nothing to do with Christianity but it also paganizes Christianity. Through prodigal capitalist forms of consumption and pagan forms of speed, pleasure and seduction, this frenzy becomes the opium of the masses, numbing them for an entire month.

Santa Claus clowns are able to prance around on the streets, places of business, shopping malls, on television screens, on a-social media, everywhere, even in this country!

Gigantic Christmas trees were put up and decorated not only in places of business, private and public institutions, residential co-mplexes, major settlement areas – and even in homes – but even the streets and avenues are dotted with Santa Claus figures!

This is truly unbelievable.

I felt the need to review and update one of my previously published articles on this column and share it with you again…

Perfect example of a slave in love with their executioner!

Fine, but where are we?

Is this not a Muslim country?

Is this clownery, this wannabe attitude, this inferiority complex not indicate the mental, cultural, and social decomposition of a society?

Does it not indicate that the society is being dragged to the verge of decadence, that it is dancing with decadence?

Is this not a perfect example of a slave in love with their executioner?

Is this not the terrifying signal of a society being taken under mental control on TV screens, on social media, on the streets, ave-nues, at shopping centers rather than on battlefields, and thus dragged to the verge of cultural suicide?

One cannot help but remember the wise man Aliya Izetbegovic’s famous word: “A battle is lost not when you die, but when you resemble the enemy.”

Why would losers applaud winner?

Fine, but what is this?

It is the losers applauding the winners. They become slaves who are in love with their executioner.

This tragicomedy we have been experiencing for the last century is the mental occupation, the enslavement of a society that cannot be physically occupied and enslaved.

It is the careless self-colonization of a society that could not be colonized from the outside.

There question here is, why would losers applaud the winners?

They applaud them because they have been dragged to the verge of cultural, mental, and ontological suicide; because their intellectual skills have been numbed to the extent of failing to see they have lost their civilization claims, values, spiritual origins, in brief, their direction and orbit; because they have become cuffed slaves in love with their executioner.

Why did why fight war of independence?

What is worse, this is the taking over of a country, bringing it to its knees from within, without fighting, especially by the pro-colonization elites within – despite the fight put up in this country, despite the war of independence against the “enemy,” against those who wiped them out of history!

One cannot help but ask: If we were going to adopt all the values, lifestyle, and culture of the colonialist West, then against whom and why did we fight that war of independence?

This is a crucial question.

Let it be known that we can never see ahead or march towards the future with firm steps before we answer this question.

Never without cultural independence!

All this reveals once more the burning truth that a country can never win the fight for independence or the future before winning the fight for intellectual and cultural independence.

The real fight for independence is the fight for intellectual and cultural independence.

Those ruling the country, including President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, have been clearly voicing this fact, especially in the last few years.

Unless a multilateral fight for cultural and intellectual independence is put up in the true sense in this country’s education, ideology, culture, art, and media fields, our remarkable achievement in material fields will backfire, having a boomerang effect, and all our dreams will go down the drain.

In brief, the capitalist forms of consumption, the pagan new year’s rituals we have been witnessing everywhere for the last month serve solely to drive the society to the verge of a prodigal worldliness, to destroy its values, while taking away from the society its soul. It is eradicating society’s spiritual origins and driving it to the verge of cultural suicide.

If society fails to cry out in the face of these prodigal forms of disintegration that its “soul is being stolen,” then we are in for trouble!

Is the new year’s craze not the cry for help of a society whose soul is being taken away?