New Zealand’s spinner Ish Sodhi reveals his special connection with Lahore

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LAHORE: New Zealand’s spinner Ish Sodhi revealed on Wednesday that he has a strong connection with Lahore, where his grandmother lived before partition in 1947, and he would be playing there for the first time on 14 April in the first T20.

Ish Sodhi had toured Pakistan for the first time in December 2022, but played matches in Karachi only.

He was excited to visit Lahore now, and remembered the connection with the city, where his father also visited to meet his cousins.

The spinner said he did not have time to visit the relatives, but still tried to speak Punjabi to the locals, which he tries to speak fluently.

On his last visit, Sodhi had said that he also tries to teach Punjabi to his daughter, so that the family remembers the roots.

Sodhi also said that he was born in Ludhiana, which is less than 200 kilometres away from Lahore.