NHMP geared up enforcement against over speeding in tunnels on Hazara Motorway

F.P. Report

ISLAMABAD: According to Syed Saqib Hussain ,Sector Commander Hazara Motorway (E35) , speed Checking squads have been deployed inside the tunnels to ensure the speed limit and to fortify enforcement against overspeeding which will help to save the precious lives.

He added that during dry weather the speed limit inside Tunnels is 60Km/h while in rainy weather the speed limit is 3O Km/h. He reiterated that road users must observe these limits for their own safety and safety of their fellow commuters.

Crossing these limits may cause skidding or spinning of the vehicles.

He further added that cellular network do not work inside the tunnels, therefore emergency telephone system is being installed in the tunnels to contact the police and administration in case of any emergency. Motorway Police are also disseminating road safety messages to educate the road users to carefully drive inside the tunnels which is a new experience for most of the drivers in the country.