Niklasson in Pakistan Discusses Afghan Female NGO Workers

KABUL (ToloNews): The EU special envoy Tomas Niklasson tweeted that he met the Foreign Secretary of Pakistan, Asad M. Khan, and Pakistan special envoy for Afghanistan, Mohammad Sadiq, and discussed consequences of Kabul’s decision to “prevent millions of Afghans from accessing humanitarian assistance by banning
Afghan women from NGO work.”
“We also discussed the need for inclusive government and to protect human rights and freedoms,” Niklasson said.
“I welcomed clear OIC stance on women’s right to education and work.”
“While we do not wish to isolate Afghanistan, recognition of the Taliban regime is not on the table,” he added.
The Islamic Emirate said that the caretaker government is seeking good relations with the international community and that there should be steps towards recognition of the Islamic Emirate. “The Islamic Emirate doesn’t want Afghanistan to be isolated and it wants good relations with the world’s countries including the European
But the EU should take practical steps for recognition,” Islamic Emirate’s spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid said.
The political analysts urged direct negotiations between the officials from the EU and Islamic Emirate. “Europe needs to negotiate face to face with the Islamic Emirate,” said Hatif Mukhtar, head of the Afghanistan Strategic Studies Center.
“When the Taliban imposes restrictions on women’s access to work at the NGOs, it has a direct impact on the society,” said Ahmad Khan Andar, a political analyst.
Earlier, many countries including Iran stressed the need for the formation of an inclusive government, but the Islamic Emirate has repeatedly stressed that its government is inclusive.