Non existent proactive diplomacy

The deliberate inactivity on the foreign policy front and accepting Indian accusations about false flag terrorist activities by the former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has pushed the country to almost diplomatic isolation. It also provided the necessary ammunition to the US propaganda machine against Pakistan blaming it for harboring terrorist heavens on its soil. The foreign office (FO) warned on Thursday against “malicious propaganda campaign “being used to trivialize Pakistan’s achievements against terrorism.

Foreign Office spokes person Dr. Muhammad Faisal, during a weekly briefing, rejected the unfounded accusations leveled against Islamabad by US President Trump, while announcing National Security Strategy (NSS). The US President said that Pakistan must act decisively against the terrorist groups operating on its soil. He reminded Pakistan that is obliged to help America because it receives massive payments from Washington every year. “We have made clear to Pakistan that we desire to continue partnership, we must see decisive action against terrorist groups operating on their territory. And we make massive payments every to Pakistan. They have to help us, “said the US president. The 56 page NSS document says that United States continued to face transitional terrorists and militants from within Pakistan.

Pakistan has repeatedly made it clear that it will not allow its soil for terrorist activities in other countries. And at the same time it will provide security to its citizens from terrorists having their dens in the neighboring countries. Operation Zarb-i-Azb has been successfully completed in the Federally Administered Tribal Areas. During this operation the NATO forces command in Afghanistan did not bother to seal the border with the support of Afghan National Army. Work on fencing of Pak-Afghan Border is going on. Operation Radul Fasad is in progress but Pakistan’s counter terrorism efforts are not recognized due to lack of proactive diplomacy which is the calculated policy of the ruling PML-N. Moreover, they malign the state institutions by publishing planted news stories in the national and international media to please their foreign masters and incite them to mount pressure on Pakistan. The mischievous “Dawn Leaks “was a well thought out move in this direction. The civilian leadership also purposely accepted the blame of India’s false flag operation in the garb of so called terrorist attack on a military base in Amritsar by lodging an FIR against unknown terrorists in a Police Station in Gujranwala. For this purpose, the former Interior Minster Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan sent an officer of FIA to this city. This act of the federal government amounted to the acceptance of Indian charges against Pakistan for promoting terrorism in the region and hence giving credibility to the vilification campaign of the United States. Pakistan is not receiving massive payments in the form of military and economic aid. It only gets delayed reimbursements from coalition support fund equal to peanuts.

The former disqualified Prime Minister, Nawaz Sharif did not appoint foreign minister and kept this portfolio with himself merely because to keep the foreign office inactive enabling India and the United States to flog Pakistan for being a villain of terrorism and by doing so he dissolved in thin air its sacrifices of thousands of civilians, officers and personals of security forces in the war against global terrorism. They are still offering sacrifices in the fight against terrorism. Although the incumbent Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi has appointed Kkwaja Asif as foreign mister but proactive diplomacy is yet to be started. Our diplomats in Washington, New York and important world capitals have not been directed for effectively countering the Indian and American diatribe against Pakistan. The foreign minister is not keen to visit these capitals to articulate Pakistan’s stance on counter terrorism and highlight its achievement and sacrifices rendered so for.