Noor blames certain circles for recent upheavals, tensions in Mazar-e-Sharif city

KABUL (Afghanistan Time): Ata Mohammad Noor, the Chief Executive of Jamiat-e-Islami and former governor of Balkh province, has blamed certain circles for turning the recent political upheavals in Mazar city to an unfortunate scenario.

He made the remarks during a meeting with the acting ministers of defence and interior on Friday.

“Had a constructive meeting with defence and interior ministers and assessed the unfortunate event which happened in Mazar on Thursday. I told the delegation that from the very beginning my team and I stressed on the peaceful resolution. Using the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces against people must be avoided,” Noor said in a statement which was issued after the meeting.

“Unfortunately some circles infiltrated & changed the event to an unfortunate scenario. After serious discussions with the defence and interior ministers, we came to a good conclusion, the results of which will be announced to the Afghan nation soon,” he added.

He also added “I would like to thank people of Balkh for their full support and patience throughout this turbulent period. I am happy they refrained from resorting to any sort of violence. I have always stressed that Afghanistan needs national consensus on national issues that ensures peace and unity.”

This comes as sporadic clashes broke out in Mazar-e-Sharif city on Thursday afternoon, hours after Noor expressed opposition regarding the circumstances surrounding the appointment of new police chief for Balkh.

In the meantime, acting defence minister Asadullah Khalid has said that Noor has no opposition with the appointment of new police chief of Balkh and therefore Gen. Abdul Raqib Mubrez will continue to his job as new police chief of Balkh.