North Korea in Biden’s era

As per media reports, Kim Jong Un has announced during eighth workers party congress last week, that North Korea plans to beef up its dangerous nuclear weapons and ballistic missile programs with new, sophisticated armaments, such as tactical nuclear weapons designed for use on the battlefield and warheads designed to evade American-made missile defense systems. While referring to the United States, Kim said, “no matter who is in power,” we must fulfill our agenda that is latest and dangerous Nuclear weapons to deter the United States. As history shows that North Korea monarchy never bother for the needs, hardships, and miseries of the masses. Although, at time North Korean economy is fragile and at the edge of brink but Kim is not so worry about the country’s economy.

North Korea and the United States are archrival of each other. Trump has engaged the Kim but the two sides remained failed to satisfy each other needs and the love couldn’t survive long. Now, Biden is in White House to decide the way forward with Kim. The tough approach is not likely to work rather it will instigate the Kim to act more ruthlessly. Furthermore, United States needs cooperation from China and Russia to enforce its sanctions against the North Korean regime. United States had already used similar weapons of sanctions against both countries China and Russia. Therefore, it is not possible that both Countries will completely cooperate with the US, besides they agree to US measures. In some situations, Russia and China or their businesses can hamper by the US sanctions/ restrictions against North Korea.                                        

Similarly, United States also require full cooperation from the South Korea to adhere to the US Sanctions against Kim, that will be a difficult step for Moon because he has to scarify present normalizing relations with North. The US longtime ally South Korea is also favoring engagement through economic cooperation and trade between the two side rivals of Korean peninsula.  But the South Korean leader Moon’s policy of peaceful coexistence with Kim does not aim at de-arming North Korea, as it is a dream of the United States.

On other hand, the soft approach through engagement also needs a thought full strategy by the United States. North Korea has limited engagement with rest of the World except China or Iran.  China has been observing UN sanctions against North Korea which led to lessening its influence over North Korea. China also discourage Pyongyang to acquire Nuclear weapons and Ballistic missiles in the Korean peninsula.

Although, Biden has hinted out about policies of his forthcoming presidency, however, he did not speak more on China. His predecessor Trump had initiated a trade war against China, which worsened the bilateral relations and left less room for cooperation.

It looks, Biden administration will not change the overall pattern of US relations with China. Although, China seems Biden has a relief in deteriorating US -China relations. Contain and confront Chinese influence, economic and military might across the world is the mutually agreed policy of both Democrats and Republican in the US. The US sees the Chinese economic and military growth as a threat to its global supremacy.   However, this fact is well known to Chinese leadership, but they always seek cooperation and peaceful coexistence for attaining the status of global power. As per assessment, the United States government should adapt a geopolitical approach, chalk out a strategy to cuff the Kim by the way of engagement and negotiations. US should provide a room to China by easing trade war and containment approach to forge some understanding between the two countries.  It will be a reciprocated goal for both countries.  Although, it will take some time to realign the US and China but only this strategy will be effective and fruitful to deal with North Korea.