Officials: Reconstruction of historical sites begun

KABUL (TOLOnews): The Ministry of Information and Culture said that work has begun to restore historical sites throughout the nation’s provinces.
The reconstruction work on the historic Shewaki Stupa site, which is located in the East Kabul Bagrami district, has just finished.
According to the Ministry of Information and Culture, the restoration work on this site took two and a half years and cost more than $80,000.
“We have reached Kandahar, Herat, Nangarhar, Balkh and other provinces– and Ghazni province, which is the most significant,” said Atiqullah Azizi, deputy of the art department of the ministry.
“In this project, a total of 4,107 cubic meters of stone were used,” said Abdul Jalil Ryan, head of a consulting institute for preservation of Afghan cultural heritage.
Meanwhile, officials of the ministry said they will not allow anyone to land grab areas with ancient and historical significance.
“We won’t hand over the historical areas to anyone,” said Atiqullah Azizi, the ministry’s deputy for the arts.
“We must get together to protect our cultural and historical monuments and make significant efforts to protect them,” said Kitab Khan Faizi, head of Kushan Research at the Academy of Sciences.
The Shewaki Stupa site is one of the country’s historic locations, according to the Ministry of Information and Culture, and kings used to hold coronation ceremonies there in the past.