Officials visit Helmand to assess security situation

Monitoring Desk

HELMAND: Gen. Scott Miller, Commander of US and NATO Forces in Afghanistan, and Afghan high ranking security officials visited Helmand province to assess security situation in the province.

General Miller said he understands the importance of Helmand, and in order to better secure the province, foreign forces will have the necessary cooperation with the Afghan forces.

“Everyone’s responsibility as senior leaders is to make sure they are as properly trained and prepared as possible. The families expect us to pay them, feed them, and protect them. I know the importance of this province and I know the difficulty of operating it in Helmand, but at the same time I know what you have achieved over the last year in Helmand. And the Taliban know what you’ve achieved. Resolute Support to our commander in Helmand continues to be firmly in support of all that you are doing,” said Miller.

Meanwhile, Deputy Defense Minister Yasin Zia and Khoshal Sadat Senior Deputy Minister of Interior for Security assured that beside addressing security forces problems in the insecure areas more areas under Taliban control will be freed from their control.

“We recently freed two districts in Ghazni province and we assure the people of Helmand that, in addition to supporting the security forces, we also support people who are interested in protecting their homeland and we are prepared for freeing our every meter of land from the enemy control and we have plans and good news are on the way,” said Deputy Defense Minister Yasin Zia.

Sadat said that the Taliban’s plans to capture Helmand has failed over the past seventeen years.

“In the past seventeen years, the enemies have been struggling to bring down the Helmand province or want to hurt our security forces, maybe we had casualties, but the enemy has been destroyed and the nation only suffer and we are trying to remove the space between the nation and the forces and the enemy did not achieved anything,” said Sadat.

Helmand is one of the insecure provinces in the south of the country.(TOLOnews)