On anniversary of Soviet pullout, Afghans recount atrocities

KABUL (TOLOnews): Some Afghans who witnessed the former Soviet Union’s invasion of Afghanistan have traumatic stories of the brutality and terror of the Red Army.
They said that soldiers of the former Soviet Union massacred citizens, including women and children.
Former jihadist commander Ahmad Ali Ghordarwazi fought former Soviet forces. After years of fighting in Herat against the former Soviet forces, he became commander of a large army of soldiers.
“Consider the Ukraine-related videos; Afghanistan was the same way. They used their artillery, bombers, and missiles. For a week, they bombed a little village day and night,” Ghordarwazi said.
“Our friends were martyred in hundreds of places, our friends have been martyred. In the Khandaq region of Paktia’s Zurmat, Russian forces came there and martyred many people,” said Mohammad Karim, a resident of Paktia.
Abdul Salam Sadat, a resident of Nimruz province, said that Soviet soldiers killed 25 of his family members and his relatives.
“They were bombarding the village, if people were coming out of their houses, they were beating them,” he said.
In 1989, exactly thirty-four years on Wednesday, the former Soviet Union announced its complete withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan, ending a nine-year war that claimed the lives of millions of Afghans.