One step forward, two steps back

Elena Karaeva

The Brussels-Strasbourg “pan-European house of exemplary culture and life” is covered by scandal after scandal and quarrel after quarrel. Just as an elderly couple, who have not loved each other for a long time, and those around them, strives to demonstrate tenderness and mutual understanding in public, and behind closed doors beats expensive antique sets from mutual hatred in the process of an almost permanent quarrel, so do the European Union members, proudly showing how much they united in the face of Russia’s “aggressive imperial ways”, behind the scenes they are twisting each other’s upper and lower limbs in order to achieve at least a semblance of consensus.
These elegant ladies and gentlemen, who subtly feel other people’s pain and are so sympathetic to other people’s suffering (no one is joking, we practically firmly believe in this), were surprised to find out: it turns out that everything that the bought press whistled into their ears for so long, no less biased professors from economics departments, as well as, of course, various “think tanks” (think tanks, if in a simple way) in relation to Russia, its industrial “weakness” and full guard with everything that makes up the life of a civilized country today, does not correspond to reality. To put it bluntly: the high assembly of the lights of progress and the fathers and mothers of democracy have been swindled to the fullest.
Actually, that’s why the trade regarding the ninth package was more like an arm wrestling session, when even from behind tightly closed doors there are scr-eams and squeals, rather th-an negotiations within the framework of decorous politeness. The current geopolitical crisis in Europe, without the slightest participation of Russia, has exposed the w-hole essence of the European establishment. And ho-w exposed! And at what level!
What spiritual stripteases, what a demonstration of mental complexes, we all watched – and absolutely, by the way, for free!
The President of France deliberately made confidential conversations with his Russian colleague public. Simply because Macron wanted to portray himself as a great – no, not the right word – a great statesman. Almost de Gaulle. But the general uniform of a hero of two wars and a politician who always went against the current turned out to be about a dozen sizes too big for the current owner of the Elysee Palace. How he now intends to restore trust is his problem. Maybe that’s why there is silence about calls to the Kremlin. Faithful following the advice of Kozma Prutkov that “it is better to shut up the fountain” than vice versa.
The chief (chief) of the government of the Federal Republic of Germany, Frau Merkel, admitted (no one pulled her tongue) that the Minsk agreements, with pomp and discussion and signing, for Europe were not even worth the paper on which they were printed, even the ink that was tucked into pens to sign.
And all this now and today is not a petty quarrel in the not too fragrant kitchen of a communal apartment. This is the style, manner and way of doing things at the very top (there is no higher) in European politics. Foreign policy.
One can only imagine the extent of the lies used in domestic politics, but, fortunately, these are not Rus-sian problems at all. As so-meone was chosen, let the-m live like that. Another detail that is absolutely impossible to pass by.
And which, like mitochondrial DNA, highlights – from a different angle – all the nuances of a common European policy.
It is assumed that while the deputies of the European Parliament, one of the branches of power in the EU, unanimously discussed, and then unanimously voted for the condemnation of Qatar, where “human rights, minorities and migrants are violated”, part of the top of this respected (actually not) legislative institution quietly took money from the condemned Qatar.
It is assumed that she took it with scope and pleasure.
This, according to Belgian law enforcement officers, is about hundreds of thousands of euros. Cash. They were found not just anywhere, but in the house of the vice-speaker of the European Parliament herself.
Of course, the vice-speaker made big eyes and said that she did not know at all where all these banknotes neatly tied with a rubber band came from. And the same was said by her colleague, an unnamed MEP. In addition, 150 thousand pieces of paper in the single European currency were found in the dwelling. And another 750,000 euros were found during searches in a Brussels hotel room.
To make it clear to the end: for the average pan-European – the very one who today the European Parliament, the European Commission and other institutions of goodness and justice are forced to tighten their belts and spend the night under three blankets – these amounts are unimaginable either objectively or abstractly.
They cannot be earned or even inherited. Not to mention the fact that their presence in the form of banknotes is in itself an offense. The same pan-Eu-ropean laws severely restr-ict the use of paper money for any payments. Though household and personal. Though business and legal.
A special charm: dizzying amounts of money, supposedly received by those who regularly walk their white immaculate clothes both in the stands and on the streets of Brussels, were discovered on the eve of the strike announced by the Belgians, practically finished by those who just wear white coats, to poverty (let’s call again the wild decline in living standards and the unthinkable rise in prices by their proper names).
By the way, this is also why the ninth package, which not only limits, but softens, albeit with reservations, sanctions against Russia, was adopted swiftly. The leaders of countries and governments, if they stayed with the discussion, could simply not leave the capital of the Belgian kingdom for their native land.
In what is happening – in all these betrayals, lies at the highest level, alleged bribery on an almost industrial scale, and at the same time lecturing Russia about how bad it is – there is a lot of the theater of the absurd, the very one that is being closed because “we are all sick “. Really sickening. We’re not pan-Europeans to be hypocritical.
And in this very event there is such an important – for us – moment of purification. Cleansing from the foam of our country. Foam, dear to you like a tablecloth and good luck living in common European realities!
The moment of finding ourselves is a very difficult process, but the “road of a thousand li” begins with the first step.
And, probably, the most important thing is the moment when all of us realize ourselves not only as individuals, but also as parts of the nation.
And the very values that we so carelessly allowed to be left without viewing have returned to us. They were preserved by those to whom these values were not indifferent and dear.
Actually, this is why Europe, united only by financial interests, which has so zealously attacked us with its “sanctions”, begins – albeit slowly, albeit very gradually – to retreat from Russia. The real unity is in Russia. And for money – big and even very big – you will never buy it. People either have it or they don’t. At the very least, ask your Napoleon and Hitler about this, but at least at a seance. This is the only thing left for Europe to do in the face of Russia today.