One year on, official cabinet of IEA still not announced

KABUL (TOLOnews): Even though it has been more than a year since the Islamic Emirate’s acting cabinet was established, the formal cabinet has still not been announced by the current government, and all of the ministers are still serving as acting heads.
The Islamic Emirate’s spokesperson, Zabiullah Mujahid, cited reasons including the lack of a constitution, the inability to create a council, and a few other governance-related issues as key reasons why an official cabinet has not been announced.
“At the moment, our cabinet is acting; however, this is still the result of some wisdom, since there are still some governance shortages in the country that need to be addressed. For instance, we do not yet have a council, the constitution has not yet been established, and there are still some other issues. Let us come together as a nation, and if we achieve stability, the system will no longer be acting,” he remarked.
In addition to this issue, the Islamic Emirate has not been recognized by any country for more than a year, and the international community has consistently called for the creation of an inclusive government. Kabul, however, has continually emphasized that the current government is already inclusive.
“Tell us so that we truly understand what kind of government you want. Believe me, they haven’t told us what kind of government they want up until now. However, the Afghan government must be the one to find a solution to that country’s issues,” said Amir Khan Muttaqi, the acting foreign minister.
But analysts have different views about the cabinet of the Islamic Emirate.
“Where there is no legislation, the relationship between the people and the government is not established, the structure of the government is not defined, the responsibilities, obligations, and duties of each power are not stated, it is difficult to announce the official cabinet,” said Sayed Javad Sajadi, another political analyst.
“The Taliban should construct a normal government with all the standards, with national legitimacy, a ruler, and declare their cabinet– if the Taliban really want to work for their country for their survival, and if they have come to rule,” said Aziz Marij, a political analyst.
One of the issues that sparked controversy during the past year was the current cabinet’s lack of female representation.
Meanwhile, one of the demands of the international community over the past year was that Afghanistan’s territory not be used against other nations, and Kabul has consistently said that it is bound to this commitment.
“No person or group has been able to use Afghan land against any country in the past twelve months,” said Amir Khan Muttaqi, acting foreign minister.
The Islamic Emirate’s spokesman stated that the current cabinet is only temporary and will be replaced in the future.